GDlotto or Grand Dragon Lotto is a 4-digit (4D) lottery game which is one of the many lottery games you can find at PMT4D. Grand Dragon claims to be the number one and the largest provider of 4-digit (4D) lotteries in Asia.

Also known as Hao Long 4D and Golden Dragon Lottery, the key difference between GD Lotto and other major 4D companies such as Sportstoto, Magnum, and DaMaCai is that you can play GD Lotto every day. In other words, you have more chances to win. Because of this, GD Lotto releases its 4D results every day.

Playing the 4D game is very simple, simply choose your desired 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999 and you will have a total of twenty-three (23) set of 4-digit number in the end of the game. These 23 sets of 4- digit winning numbers are drawn to determine the winners in each draw and if your selected number matches any of the winning numbers drawn, a prize is won. Since this is a daily lottery, the draw is done everyday and you can check the results here at PMT4D.

Why not put your desired numbers to good use? Combine them into a four digit combination and place your bet with us at pmt4d. You can play online or for better betting experience, download our app to do many things from buying lottery numbers, checking the draws, online slots to betting on your favourite football teams.

In recent years, keywords like “GDlotto”, “gd lotto results”, “big dragon”, “Cambodia lotto 4D results”, “hao long” and “keputusan 4 ekor hari ini” are some of the popular search terms for the Malaysian lotto industry on the internet. Guangdong Dragon or also called the Hao Long lottery.