Trusted Sandakan Turf Club: 4D Sandakan STC Live Results Malaysia

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Sandakan Turf Club or popularly known as STC 4D, is one of two 4D operators in Sabah with a philosophy of integrity, reliability, and commitment to the community. This brand is owned by Everise Ventures Sdn. Bhd. who is the main operator of the STC 4D lottery Sabah. STC has over 40 operations throughout East Malaysia. 

We at PMT4D love the community so much and this is the way we can thank you as we believe the community are very important to us. Betting on 4d or 4 ekor is fun and stand a chance to win big from us. STC’s game is very simple, just place a bet on a 4-digit number and check back to see if your number comes up in any of the 23 winning numbers. The bet starts from RM1 and stand a chance to win big from us!

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